I want to sell my house: tips to make it fast

The most important things to sell the home are: put a fair price (apparently, the cheaper, the better!). Maximize the virtues of your home and make it reach as many people as possible. Through this our potential buyer sees us too rigid in that aspect will not give him any sense of confidence, and this is very important when it comes to a lot of money transactions especially when you have to sell a house. Do not worry after reading this you can sell house quickly!

What to do to sell house quickly:

  1. Fair price

When you are the seller of your home, you may also be the buyer of another that is why you have to ask yourself what the most you pay attention to when is buying a home.  Like it or not, many times what matters most is the price. We want a house that is to our measure, and that you can quickly achieve. A common mistake is to believe that our house is worth much more than reality. In order not to make that mistake, we advise that before putting a price think about how much it costs, and you inform yourself of the price per m 2 of your area and your city.

One thing we should never do is refuse to negotiate. When it comes to selling your house, you will receive many offers that you must study patiently. A reduction in the price does not have to be a bad option; you should think that a buyer prefers to see you as someone willing to negotiate the price, that is why it is good to have a predisposition towards it.

  1. Home staging – Power the attractiveness of your home

When we have the fixed price, the next thing we should think is: Is my house ready to put it on sale? This question is essential because the first impression a home makes on the buyer is very important. Love, at first sight, exists with houses! Each house has a taste of its inhabitants, and each one has a preferred decoration and distribution. Keep in mind that it is likely that your feelings do not suit the buyer. Surely you have heard about the technique of Home Staging, which is to make a positive change in the presentation of a home to make it more attractive to buyers.

Fix defects, clean and order

With Home Staging, what is essential is to modernize the rooms, give them more lighting and highlight the strengths of your home. For this, the material defects (taps, bathtubs or broken tiles) should solve and the rooms depersonalized. The person who goes to visit our house has to feel that this could be his and not a visitor to it. Before we fix those small damages that have occurred with the daily use of the house, paint some walls, fix some faucets, change a few tiles, etc.

The next step will be to clean, sort, clean and organize the spaces. The order and cleanliness are essential when viewing our next home because as we said before, the first impression is vital.

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