Is the air you’re breathing is safe?

Radon in home

The world population is increasing drastically day by day. To fulfil the requirement of such huge population of 7.5 billion people approximately, there are not many resources available on planet earth. In fact, 7.5 billion people do nothing but produce waste daily in high ratio. There are some people who prefer living zero waste life, but they are small. Highest ratio of waste consists of plastic and industrial waste. World industrialized about a century ago and from that day the rate of trash they produced is increasing.

The essentials for life are water, food and air but unfortunately because weather is changing farmers are not being able to grow food in bulk amount. That leads to the use of fertilizers. Uranium is a famous compound to use as a fertilizer. Uranium is highly radioactive too. When after some time uranium breaks down it converts into radon. radon in home is as good as whole family smoking cigarettes.


Before installing the radon mitigation system (radon mitigation system is a mechanism which makes air radon free) you should test the level of radon in home first. There is a limit set by authorities in some states for example you must install the mitigation system only if the level of radon is at or above a certain level.

For testing radon level there are two famous options the first option is to use a radon testing kit to know if there is any radon in your house. The second option is asking help from professional. There are many organizations and companies who are offering their service. So here is the guide for people who are looking for reducing the level of radon in home and workplace.

Option 1: Using a radon test kit

some people may find testing radon by themselves tiresome, but it is not that difficult if you follow the right steps.

  1. Buy a radon test kit first. There is a whole industry working to today provide the best radon test kit possible to check if there are any traces of radon in your breathing zone. The results of these kits are pretty much accurate.
  2. Put the passive collector in the room which is used continuously and consistently by you.
  3. Leave the passive collector there for seven or more days (some kits might take time. Do as it is said on the manual which comes with test kit)
  4. After the passage of required time send your passive collector to the laboratory.

Option 02: Asking professional to do test for you.

This option is easy. You just must ask any organization or company. If you cannot find any suitable organization in your home area you can also check online. There are many organizations working online in this field. They will send their representative or employ to your place and they will do the further process by themselves.


There are some companies selling low-quality and fake kits for money. Always buy your product from the trusted supplier to save money.

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