Maintenance of House Paints

Your house’s exterior paint sets the tone for what’s inside. Regardless of whether you have a classical or a modern and exquisite approach in your style tastes or incline toward a young and varied way to deal with styles and choices, the external paint represents the theme and the persona of the whole structure and your own feeling of taste. House Painters Parma Ohio can enable you to express what you like and desire in the most comprehensive and perfect manner while staying true to your nature and taste in style and aesthetics.


Since you are already living in the house, of course, there will be some sort of paint already done. But what most people fail to realize is the fact that as is the case with every other thing, the paint also tends to get old and lose its original finish and gloss. Therefore, the requirement of repainting and paying attention to the maintenance of the paint emerges. Here are some commonly occurring problems with paint that has not been cared for in a while as well as their causes as listed by the house painters Parma Ohio:


  • Alligatoring:

Reptile-like scales begin to show up in your exterior paint that may leave a rough and patchy appearance. This problem is mostly encountered if an oil-based paint used for external painting. In such cases, the phenomenon of alligatoring may occur due to the change in temperature in between seasons.

  • Blistering:

Air pockets or bubbles appear that seem to shape under the paint. This is likely the consequence of delayed exposure to dampness or inside moisture of the structure spilling out.

  • Cracking:

As the name indicates, the paint on the walls appears to crack and small gaps might also appear on the surface of the wall. The most common yet significant reason for cracking is the use of thin paints or applying too many heavy layers of paint without a primer.

  • Fading:

It is commonly observed that the paint, in particular, the exterior paint of the house starts to fade and lose its color. The color of the paint on the whole wall may fade or this may occur in small patches and in certain areas. A long-term and prolonged exposure to sunlight and the UV rays are the cause of this occurrence. Also, some shades of paints are more prone to fading as compared to others.

  • Peeling:

It is the most commonly encountered issue as stated by the house painters Parma Ohio is the peeling of the paint to expose the walls and the bricks underneath. The technical reason for the occurrence of peeling is that the wall was not sand filed or cleaned prior to painting that led to a poor bond formation between the wall and the paint.

  • Straining:

Dashes and segments of shading from regular wood that blend into the paint that was applied to it. Sadly, this can occur at some time when you apply even a good quality paint over brilliant wood and can only be repainted.

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