Plastic or metal pipes are the best

Metal pipes

You might be thinking to remodel your home. It is quite possible that you might be thinking to build a new home as well. An important decision you need to consider happens to be the re-piping one. Would you opt for plastic or metal piping? There are numerous options and the choice works out to be fairly difficult. You would need to take into account the health along with environmental concerns. If you are planning to replace the entire piping system then what are the type of pipes which require installation. All these viewpoints have a share in arriving at the final decision.

Metal pipes

The metal pipes also go by the name of copper pipes. For your new home, they happen to be a perfect choice. They are recyclable, not prone to leaks and can tolerate heat. One of the drawbacks of this pipe has to be the cost. But if you consider a different point of view the cost happens to be in line with the quality part. If the water happens to be acidic it could corrode copper over due course of time. In fact, the installation works out to be fairly difficult. So do it yourself option is virtually impossible.

In the older homes, you are likely to find some types of metal pipes. In homes build before 1980 galvanized pipes can be a common feature. Once they age it could lead to water leakage or the drains could clog as well.  In case if your home happens to be older and galvanized pipes are put to use, then it would be high time you go on to replace them.

You could also go on to use stainless steel pipes that are of high quality than copper. But be aware of the fact that this would cost you more

Plastic pipes

If you are looking for something light and on the cost-effective side, this works out to be a worthy option. As metal is prone to wear and tear, in case of plastic pipes this does not happen to be the case. If you are planning on the lines of DIY projects then plastic pipes work out to be the best option for the lot. In residential plumbing, there are a lot of plastic pipes which are put to use as well.

Of the various types of plastic pipes which are put to use PVC happens to be the most common. For your vents or bathrooms, it works out to be a common choice. One of the positive of plastic would be that it can go on to hold a high level of pressure. But there are a lot of loopholes which you find with plastic. To start off it cannot hold hot water which would wrap over a period of time. In the opinion of some people, PVC pipe would be given a plastic taste as well.

The less known types of plastic pipes would include the PVC pipes.for re piping you can visit here.


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