fallout 4 item id

Fallout 4 are now come with more console commands and codes item then fallout 3. As this article is about item codes use in fallout 4 and before moving towards item, codes let us briefly discuss console command. If you are gamer then you are aware of console commands and cheats of Fallout 4. If no then by continue reading you will definitely know about the console commands. These commands provides you relieve when you are trapped in the game. By adding the console commands, you will easily clear all the levels of the game without any hurdle. These commands provides you extra power, battery life,and much other benefit when you use them in the middle of the game. Moreover, the best part about using the console command is that your opponent never know that you cheats him by adding the commands of your interest. Console commands are not the common commands, it only add on the console window which appear when you press the tilde key (¬) or grave key (`) according to your respective keyboard. When you press these key your game stop and console window appear on the right corner of your pc screen and then you easily enter the command, which you want to execute.

Now let us discuss about fallout 4 item codes and ids. You can also use item codes instead of console commands. The benefit of console item codes is that you can execute more than one function at a time by adding semicolon (;) between the commands. There is fallout 4 item id for every particular item code, which you should write to run that code. There are different time of item codes that is item code for food, weapon, ammo, automatron, crafts, spawn, console and many other.

What these item codes do?

As stated above there are lot of items codes. We just brief you about some of them to make it clear for your mind that when and how code items and ids works.

Weapon: there is item id for different types of weapon. If you want to change your weapon then enter that weapon id and then you are able to use that weapon.

For example:

  • Bloodbug Blood Spray has an id code 00031FB8
  • Bomb has an id code 0014245D

Recovery: there are also item codes for healing of the player. If player has an injury in the middle of the game then you use the following item ids and code to recover from it.

  • Stimpak is a healing item code which has id 00023736
  • Rad Away is another recovery code having id 00023742

Food: there are many item codes for food through which you can get different types of fruits and vegetable stuff in the game.

For example:

  • Mutfruit can be provided by entering id 00033102
  • Carrot can be provided by entering id 000F742E

Like above there are many other fallout 4 item ids which make your game comfortable and interesting.



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